A new way of life...

A new way of life...

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When it comes to pain-free living, knowledge is power.

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Minimize pain

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Improve sleep

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Balance energy levels

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About Our Founder

Amy L. Beyer, LAT, LMT, is an expert-level myofascial release therapist who works with all ages. She has extensive experience in:

  • Chronic pain

  • Injury recovery

  • Women's health

  • Breast health

  • Body awareness techniques

Amy's true passion comes when she is educating, empowering, and teaching her clients the tools they need to live a pain-free life. Her training as a Licensed Athletic Trainer has given her the knowledge to help clients realize new gains and utilize movement to aid in the healing process. Amy has helped countless clients with back/neck pain, hip/knee pain, digestive discomforts, headaches and fibromyalgia find relief through proper instruction in self-care exercises that give them results. 


Amy works every day to provide a place of hope and healing for her clients, that’s exactly what people find at Revitalized Rx.

What our clients are saying

We feel honored and humbled that so many clients trust us with their recovery as they find relief from chronic pain. Take a moment to read what our clients are saying about Revitalized Rx:

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Revitalized Rx will redefine what you thought was possible with natural pain relief strategies. We’ll help you discover the root cause of your pain and provide results-driven virtual therapy  as well as exclusive online myofascial self-care courses. If you’re currently seeing a doctor or specialist, Revitalized Rx is a perfect complementary therapy to your current treatment plan.

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